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I have been extremely fortunate to have a great deal of my music placed in or used for the promotion of many hit TV shows and also major sporting events.

Such examples include: Neighbours, Home & Away, Modern Family, The Dome, NCIS LA, The Offspring, NFL superbowl, AFL grandfinal & more…

I have a current catalog ranging from pop, to rock to electronic.  All songs with vocal arrangements are also available in instrumental versions.  To hear samples of my catalog visit here.

I am signed to a fantastic Australian publishing company known as Mushroom Publishing.  If you would like to enquire about gaining rights  to use my music please complete the below form on their website: https://mushroommusic.com/sync/licensing-request-form/

 Instrumental Releases

I am also currently in the studio working on several other releases due to be available this year.  These include a classical piano album, a percussion album, a classical guitar album, ambient chillout album & a movie/cinematic style album.  Since your TVshow/film already has your marvellous script being delivered by your brilliant actors you don’t need lyrics do you? you just need some lush emotive waves of sound to give things that extra kick yeah ?  Well, these releases should do the trick!


If you are after something unique and exclusive then please get in touch with my agent Manny@pushworth.com and we can arrange a time for you to come in to the studio.  I am 100% setup to make almost anything!  I can make an example of what I think you are after very fast to give you a demo just to make sure we are on the same wavelength.  That way you can contract my team and I with confidence for your project.



2011 NFL Superbowl
Channel 10 Station ID (2013)
AFL 2011 Grand Final