Anthony operates out of several spaces including a home studio setup, a vocal studio and a state of the art recording facility featuring an orchestral room capable of holding 65 musicians and a Yamaha C7 concert grand piano.

His DAW of choice is ableton live and he has a mobile system to travel between the spaces.  For multi tracking of live drums, piano, choirs or orchestras he uses a 128 channel Harrison Series 10 Console (1 of 2 in Australia).  This particular desk was used for the production of the original mad max and also “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

The Recording Studio A

The main tracking space is a purpose designed room for recording large ensembles and features a permanently flown Decca Tree mic setup using Neumann microphones.  Essentially these are microphones mounted at ceiling height that allow for distant mic-ing to create a massive epic sound.

Control Room A

Studio A

Mic Preamps


Pianos & Percussion

Studio B