I am a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne Australia.  Although I am an artist, my style has a very cinematic edge so it is also extremely well suited for TV & film.  As a result at some point I began to focus on placing my music in film and television as the #1 way my music will be heard.

You see I have always wanted to be on radio and do massive tours and have spent most of my career chasing that dream.    I have had moderate success selling over 60,000 records across various projects and had a #19 Australian Aria chart release.  However I have burned an enormous amount of energy and money to achieve those goals.

What is hilarious is that I have had over 200 Tv/Film placements literally fall into my lap with no effort or money spent.  I guess at some point you have to wake up and realise the universe is trying to tell you something.

Previous syncs include: NFL Superbowl, AFL Grandfinal, The Olympics, Fifa documentary, Modern Family, The Offspring, NCIS L.A, The Americans, Home & Away, Neighbours & more.

I am looking to develop long term relationships with music supervisors, publishers, sync agents, producer managers, other artists, songwriters & singers.

If you are looking for music to license please feel free to checkout my catalogue.  If you can’t quite find what you are looking for send me a brief of what you are after perhaps I can suggest something.  Alternatively I would love the opportunity to make something new for you!

I am also offering a limited amount of production deals to other artists to help diversify my catalogue so please feel free to send a demo.  Perhaps you will be able to share in some of the luck I have had with Tv/film placements. 🙂