I am songwriter music producer & video maker from Melbourne, Australia. For me there is no greater natural high than the sense of creating, capturing or witnessing a moment of musical magic! I have a borderline healthy obsession with music…….. if I am not making it, then I am listening to it or telling everyone I know about it!

Under the banner of PLUDO I not only write and produce music for myself but I also collaborate with many other talented artists. Together we produce a lot of videos for you tube and I have also been very fortunate to have a lot of music featured on many hit TV shows and major sporting event broadcasts. To make this all possible, working behind the scenes is a team of massive music lovers that are not just working on PLUDO content but who are also dying to tell you about a super incredible artist or product they have discovered.

In 2017 I am working out of a top world class studio here in Melbourne Australia and can’t wait to show everyone what we are working on!



They say “its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll” and whoever “they” are certainly wasn’t lying!

I first started my professional music career in 2005 in a band called A Sound Mind with 3 other guys who were as desperate as me to be a rockstar!  We all quit our jobs and took it very serious.  In fact if you turned up to rehearsal one minute late you got a $5 fine.

We recorded our first EP with a local producer and although we weren’t that good we were not going to let that get in our way.  We knew we were not going to make much money yet so we believed the key to success was to not spend much money.  Our first tour got off to a great start (can you hear the sarcasm?) we had borrowed a trailer from a friend of a friend.  10 minutes in we had been pulled over, the trailer was stolen and was compounded.  We organised a hire trailer and we were back on the road.

Upon arrival armed with a set of headphones and an iPod we literally walked out on the streets and started selling tickets to our shows for $2.  I am pretty sure someone had been murdered in the accommodation we were staying in.  There was bullet holes and a very faint blood stain on the wall.  There was also an old guy in the living room who was watching TV but there wasn’t anything on the screen it was just static.  With our enormous budget made up of $2 coins our diet was cold cans of spaghetti straight from the can.  Later this would evolve to 2 pieces of bread and a can of tuna.

By 2007  after the release of our self produced album “Harmonia” we were actually starting to get somewhere.  I will never forget a show at the Hifi bar that was really a pivotal moment.  First song first chorus, all of a sudden I hear the audience belting out the words.  It was so unexpected and caught me off guard.  It was in this moment I realised “holy shit, these people get what I am singing about, they are just like me”.  All of the eating cold cans of spaghetti had been worth it.  I already knew what I wanted to do with my life, but this moment really validated it for me and cemented my purpose.

Without the aid of radio, a record label a booking agent etc…we ended up selling 40,000 records and touring all over Australia and Europe.  Pretty much all out of sheer determination, we had all even learned how to speak really bad german just so we could sell cds.  However, it certainly wasn’t rainbows and lollipops.  One night travelling through italy we arrived in a town called Trieste without accommodation.  There was 5 of us squashed up in a van full of gear so we said “F%#k it!  We got our sleeping bags out through them down on the concrete of the carpark and you know what it wasn’t that bad!  This new technique elevated us to a whole new level of saving money.  We slept at train stations, we slept on the beach we even slept in a soccer goal.    Other highlights would have to be being arrested in stuttgart and almost deported for selling cds on the street and vans breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone in a country that doesn’t speak english.   Also if you have 5000 cds in the back of your van and you are going through customs into switzerland and they ask “do you have anything to declare” I strongly encourage you say yes.  haha

Sadly in 2010 we broke up.   When creative differences turn into epic fights and near punch ons everyday its about as funny as a funeral.

Immediately I started my solo project PLUDO.  After 3 years of performing on the streets I signed a deal with ctrl_-alt for my debut album to be distributed by Universal Music.  The release shot up into the Australian aria charts peaking at #19.  The lead track “Haywire” was used by SCA CHANNEL 10 as their station ID and I had also been getting commercial airplay for another song Frenemies.  For the first time I also now had a booking agent (the pushworth group)  My drummer and I at the time toured our absolute ass off! We had venue shows almost every night and during the days we played on the streets, performed live at radio stations or I was busy doing interviews.

In 2015 I signed a publishing deal with Mushroom Music Publishing.  I’ve been very fortunate to have my music featured in or to promote many hit TV shows and major sporting broadcasts including the Olympics, the NFL Super Bowl, the AFL grand final, Home & Away, Neighbours, Modern Family, NCIS LA, the dome, the Americans, the offspring and many more.

In 2017 I will be releasing an 11 track video & album. featuring Ryan Perillo on drums.  Somehow I have ended up with my most die hard fans literally spread out all over the world.  Until I can build a bigger audience for my music to warrant a world tour these videos are for you guys!

In an effort to build a bigger audience, after the release of the DVD I won’t be touring… instead I will be working on more content collaborating with some absolutely incredible vocalists!  There is going to be lots of awesome videos coming out over the next 12 months so get ready!!!!!

The dream is to take all the collaborators on a world tour and perform the new songs to audiences that know and love the songs.  I think this will be one hell of a show and one hell of an experience.!